Joshua Steele Minor is a Boulder native and a graduate from the University of Colorado with a BFA degree in film making. His numerous personal films vary in style, ranging from slower, meditative works, to technical pieces focused on editing techniques and aesthetic manipulation. While in college, Josh garnered numerous film making awards and recognition from the film program including the Grillo award in 2007, the Goldfarb Award in 2008, and “Best Experimental Film” and “Best Film Overall” at the Big Freaking Deal (BFD) Film Festival in 2009. In Spring 2010, his award winning film, Once in a Lullaby, screened at the Vail Film Festival.

He worked as the Associate Editor on the 2013 music documentary, Muscle Shoals. The film premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival where it received critical acclaim, and has since gone on to screen at other prestigious festivals, including the Boulder International Film Festival, South by Southwest, and Sundance London. Muscle Shoals also aired on PBS and is now available on Netflix.

He worked as an Assistant Editor on the 2015 documentary, Racing Extinction, which follows an unlikely team of activists and innovators attempting a bold mission to save our world from environmental catastrophe. The film premiered at Sundance 2015, and was broadcast on the Discovery Channel to over 220 nations around the world on December 2nd, 2015. 

Josh Minor currently works for Sender Films in Boulder, CO, editing rock climbing and adventure films. He's worked on the annual Reel Rock series, and is currently editing a feature length documentary about free solo rock climbing.  In addition to his work at Sender, he continues to create personal films and shoot & edit promotional videos for local businesses, musicians, music festivals, and indie filmmakers. In life outside of film making, Josh is an avid soccer player, musician, artist, writer, and sound designer.

Josh is on Twitter and  LinkedIn.